Welcome to my website! I hope that my art brings you as much joy as I felt while creating it.


I began to paint in 2017, two years after sustaining a head injury which changed my life. Because of it I found art and through art I found purpose again.

The most positive outcome is that it enabled me to change my focus to what is meaningful and important in life. Living is my focus and I attempt to depict an intensity or mood in each piece, and also to show vulnerability of some of the endangered species.


For originals or commission inquiries pease email me directly @ bergtfineart@gmail.com and I will respond promptly.

For a wide variety of Items that feature my art please visit my online store at https://fineartamerica.com/art/terry+berg

You can follow me on Instagram @bergtfineart. 

Thank you sincerely, and here is hoping that you see the colors in your world!

Terry Berg


Polar Melt 24 x 30 inch Oil on canvas $750

Survivor 18 x 24 inch Oil on canvas $648

Majestic 24 x 36 inch Oil on canvas $780

The View 20 x 30 inch Oil on canvas $600

Lookout 24 x 24 inch Oil on canvas $518

Sold - Available in prints only

Also selling retail at Corro Collective

28 Muir Drive

St. Albert, Alberta